The collapsing of the Ishim river Salacinski school may permanently prohibit the conduct classes

The collapsing of the Ishim river Salacinski school may permanently prohibit the conduct classesProsecutors Ishim found, which collapsed part of the building in Salacinski school and brought to justice the perpetrators, which made the learning process in a dangerous building.Recall, as previously reported , November 10, around 22.30 in Salacinski comprehensive school - branch Plaskowski school collapsed part of the building: ceiling and one wall. In the collapsed wing housed the physics classroom, part of the corridor and storage for books. No one was hurt, but the educational process had to be suspended. Currently 70 children carry in head of the school in the village Pleshkova, located 15 km.As told in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office, according to preliminary technical conclusion, the cause of building collapse is the low strength of masonry load-bearing structures; the lack of spatial stiffness (linkage plates among themselves and with the walls); pushinstall base soil. In conclusion, stated that the operation of the schools should be banned. Repair and restoration of the building is not economically feasible.At the same time, in connection with the collapse of part of the building schools for the view of the Supervisory authority punished by three officials. Read more -->

The students presented the project of the bridge over the Iset: construction expected from Opalinski to Papanin

The students presented the project of the bridge over the Iset: construction expected from Opalinski to PapaninThe students presented the project of the bridge over the river Iset and invited to take part in the discussion. It is expected that the bridge will link the street Opalchenska and Papanin in the Top-Isetskiy district."Bridge over the river Iset is one of the important objects for Yekaterinburg, its construction - a breath of air to the city centre, as it will help to reduce traffic flow on the Top-Isetskoe Boulevard and bridge street Chelyuskintsev. Bridge street Opalinski to Papanin will enable residents Zarechny and Sorting to quickly get to the city centre, including walking and Biking," said the head of production and technical Department of the construction Committee of the administration of Yekaterinburg Michael Ladeyshikov.As told in the city hall, at present, the financing of the project are incorporated in the preparation of Yekaterinburg to the world Cup. The bridge will be from the intersection of Opalinski - Gottwald and to Papanin. The city administration plans to make the street there are one-sided in the direction of the street Yumashev, and citizens moving into the city centre, will be able to cross the bridge, then through the streets Yumashev and Khomyakov. It builders will pave two lanes in each direction, bike and walking paths. Read more -->

"In Yekaterinburg in KRK Uralets sell beer!" - the Prosecutor's office found a bar that was opened by Olympic champion Anton Shipulin

The Prosecutor's office of the Leninsky district of Ekaterinburg checked fulfillment of legal requirements for the sale of alcoholic beverages at sports objects, as well as nearby organizations providing educational services.See also:-->The sports bar "Scorer", one of the partners who was Anton Shipulin, opens in Yekaterinburg in AugustAs told in the press service of the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, it was found that in the building of cultural and entertainment complex "Uralets" Ul. Bolshakova in Yekaterinburg is located youth sports school "Motorist", which carries out educational activities.Thus, contrary to the requirements of the Federal law "On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products" on the ground floor of this building there is a bar that sells beer. The room is used OOO "Central evaluation office" on the basis of a lease agreement with JSC "KRK Uralets for entrepreneurial activity.The results of the investigation the Prosecutor's office in the interests of an indefinite number of parties filed a claim in the Leninsky district court of Yekaterinburg OOO "Central Bureau assessment for recognition of activities for the sale of alcoholic beverages illegal and banning such activities.The consideration of the procurators are under control of the Prosecutor's office.Note that in building the CLC is a bar "Scorer", assistance and support which helped champion of the Olympic Games 2014 biathlon Anton Shipulin. Bar was opened in the summer of the current year. It was reported that at the inauguration of the institution is expected invasion famous athletes: they were invited Anton Shipulin. It was planned that in the "Scorer" will be held not only broadcast matches and competitions, as well as personal meetings fans with a hockey team "Motorist" and other famous athletes of Russia and the world. Read more -->

Rooms Sverdlovsk VIPs will check for "bugs": are you going to find the Governor, the Deputy Prime Minister

Rooms Sverdlovsk VIPs will check for Rooms Sverdlovsk officials will check for "bugs". Will look for in the Governor's office and waiting room, his Deputy, and the regional premiere. Will search the profile of the Institute, correspondent .According to tender posted on the official website of public procurement, services information security require the inspection of premises, analysis and assessment of conformity with the requirements of normative legal documents, conducting the necessary special studies on the presence of leakage channels, instrumental studies of protection against leakage through technical channels, determining whether the application of the system of acoustic and vibroacoustic protection of information and services for installation, configuration, commissioning of such systems.Premises for "surveys" in the list of not many. Among them: the office of the head of the region Yevgeny Kuyvasheva / reception of the Governor, office of the head of administration of the head of the region Sergey perestroika, his Deputy, the regional premiere of Denis Pasler, as well as his first Deputy Alexei Orlov, and the number of rooms in the white house.Interestingly, also published a list of foreign interior, which will check for the presence of "bugs", among other things: phone, mouse, humidifier, coffee machine, wall clocks, alarms fire and security alarms, speaker, local alerts, fridge, TV and remote, and wall air-conditioner and an oil heater.According to the documents, the work must be done before December 20. . . Read more -->

In the Rostov region the pensioner suspect in the burglary of the offices of microloans

In the Rostov region the pensioner suspect in the burglary of the offices of microloansIn Kamensk-Shakhtinsky (Rostov region) police arrested 60-year-old woman, the suspect in the burglary of the office of the microfinance organization."Currently, the police knows about all the details of the incident, the citizen is checked for possible complicity in the Commission of similar crimes on the territory of the Rostov region," says GU MVD of Russia in the region.Now the woman is facing charges for including 2 of article. . . . . . Read more -->

In the court Losavio questioned the expert from Moscow: the court moved to the debate of the parties

In the court Losavio questioned the expert from Moscow: the court moved to the debate of the partiesIn court on the case of Loshagina" questioned Moscow expert of the Regional medico-legal centre Yuri Padina, who pointed out some flaws in the forensic examination conducted on the given criminal case. In addition, Paidin confirmed that before his death, Julia Prokopyeva-Loshagina was raped. The investigation is finished, during the next hearing, scheduled for December 17, will be held oral hearings, reports correspondent .Among the comments voiced by the Moscow expert, for example, that the Sverdlovsk specialists have not defined the term body in the place where later it was discovered. In addition, according to Pardina, were not investigated cadaveric changes the stiffness and cadaverous spots. In addition, the body temperature was measured only once, while this is done at least twice - it affects the definition of the limitations of death. In the opinion of the medical examiner, the piece of information that could help the investigation, was not used.Special attention specialist paid review directly to the internal organs of the deceased girl. Read more -->

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