"Tyumen" in added time were able to escape defeat in Kaliningrad

Last Saturday at the stadium Baltika Kaliningrad same local football club took "Tyumen". The League Germany ended in a draw, and to recoup the guests were able only in added time, the correspondent .Account for a long time was not open. Only in the 74th minute "Baltika" thanks to the efforts of substitute Alekseeva stepped forward. When it seemed that the match is over, already added time in the gate of the hosts was appointed penalty. The ball went Evgeny Savin (pictured) and saved to "Tyumen" this game club managed to escape defeat and scored only one point. . Read more -->

The airline "UTair" in talks with Airbus and Boeing about moving delivery schedules airplanes

The airline "UTair" in talks with Airbus and Boeing about the transfer of delivery schedules of aircraft, the company said. "This contract for 20 aircraft Airbus A321, eight of which have already been delivered in 2013 and 2014, and the contract for 40 Boeing 737-800/900 NG, six of which have been delivered in 2013 and 2014," - said the representative of the airline. Now the airline is negotiating with manufacturers and forms new delivery schedules.See also:-->The problem of "UTair" - "the first swallow" the industry crisisUTair and Airbus signed a contract for 20 Airbus A321 aircraft on the Airshow in British Farnborough 2012 Catalogue value of these aircraft is now $2.2 billion Partner "UTair" leaseback "VEB-leasing". A firm order for 40 Boeing 737-800/900 NG "UTair" signed on the air show in Le Bourget in France in 2011, the Value of the contract was estimated at $3.8 billion Partner Finance lease - AP Air Finance (a subsidiary leasing company GECAS to receive comments failed), reports Vedomosti.Previously CEO Andrey Martirosov said that the program updates the fleet, announced last year, "UTair",will be delayed."Last year we actually got four more Airbus A321 new, four Boeing 737-800s. This is serious this Park. I think in a few years our fleet is the youngest in the country. Read more -->

In the Kemerovo region buckwheat has risen by 90%

In the Kemerovo region buckwheat has risen by 90%Buckwheat has risen in the Kemerovo region by 90% since the beginning of 2014. Average food prices in the region increased by 11.6%.As reported in kemerovostat, November 1 kg of buckwheat cost on average of 56.7 rubles. Compared with December 2013 the price of cereals has increased by 90,8%. None of the major consumer goods in Kuzbass do not rise at the same rate.According to local media, previously Governor Aman Tuleyev has asked the FAS with the requirement to deal with the "price fixing" by buckwheat from suppliers and retail chains. Supply of cereals in the region, by the end of November, more than 50 thousand tons.In addition, significantly increased prices for beef liver and chicken legs - at 36-37%. 1 kg of pork rose by 23.5%, frozen fish - by 20.6%, vodka - 17.9% wine - 15.2%. Read more -->

Ukrainian Nazis looted hypermarket in Kurakhovo

Ukrainian Nazis looted hypermarket in KurakhovoIn Kurakhovo (occupied part DND) fighters of nazvanie of Ukraine in the eyes of the residents are completely "made" the biggest hypermarket of household appliances in the city, reported sources in the new Russia."The entire staff including the Director was taken to an unknown destination. After 1.5 hours they were found beaten in the city selydove, and the Director even received two stab wounds", - stated in the message, which leads the Agency Voenkor.info. . . . . Read more -->

Larisa Pecina headed the Commission on social security instead of the arrested Cinema. But he still is a member of EGD

Larisa Pecina headed the Commission on social security instead of the arrested Cinema. But he still is a member of EGDDeputy Oleg Cinema on the post of the head of the Commission for social protection of the health ultimately replaced Larisa Pecina. This decision today unanimously adopted by the deputies of EGG. Previously the question was considered by the Commission, the decision was taken unanimously, the correspondent .Deputy EGG, friend and colleague Eugene Roizman Oleg Cinema, which currently is under investigation on charges of the murder of 81-year-old pensioner Olga ledovskoy and fraud with her apartment, deputies unanimously dismissed the head of the Commission for social security and health care. As expected, replaced him co-chair of the regional front, the Deputy of the city Duma Larisa Pecina.Meanwhile, Kinev still is a Deputy of the city Duma. As told reporters, Vice-speaker of the Duma Viktor Tests, the mandate from Oleg Cinema remains, since the termination of powers can only happen in two cases: by judicial decision, either on his own initiative.As noted Tests, neither yet. Read more -->

Lending Industrialists will be determined by mid-June

Lending Industrialists will be determined by mid-JunePresident Vladimir Putin instructed the Government together with the Central Bank by June 15, to prepare proposals on the mechanism of project financing Industrialists. The project must contain not only the sources of long-term loans, but also provide "collateral interest rate for the borrower is not above the rate of inflation plus 1% per annum". Targeted use of long-term credit resources according to the instructions will be installed in accordance with the priorities and conditions defined by the government of the Russian Federation". Such order by the President was made following a series of private meetings on additional measures to stimulate economic growth, held in late April-early may. A large part of the measures Vladimir Putin was announced in his speech at the SPIEF.The source of the economic block of the government explained that the implementation of the presidential instruction on project financing will be more expensive than 80 billion rubles, and those will be spent in one year. This benefit is addressed first of all, again, the military-industrial complex. Read more -->

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