The investigation of the murder of 8-year-old girl in the village Top-neyvinskogo took control of Valery splinters

The investigation of the murder of 8-year-old girl in the village Top-neyvinskogo took control of Valery splintersIn the Middle Urals continues the investigation of the criminal case instituted under item"b" h 2 tbsp. 105 of the criminal code, in connection with the discovery in the evening of 30 September 2014 in the village of Top-Neyvinskogo hidden body missing on the eve of the 8-year-old girl, with signs of violent death.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, in order to ensure more efficient management of the actions of the participants investigative group on the scene left the head of the investigation Department of the regional investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Valery splinters.At the scene still works enhanced investigative group of experienced forensic investigators of the Central office of the investigative Committee of Russia, as well as investigators and forensic investigators of the regional investigation Department. Already assigned to the complex expertise to establish the exact cause of death of the deceased, as well as persons involved in the Commission of such an audacious crime. By now questioned neighbors and relatives of the victim.During the examination of the scene uses the latest forensic tools (including light tower, 3D camera and expert light). Forensic experts of the regional investigation Department carefully by checking seized from the scene traces for the establishment of microbiological traces of DNA. All forces and means of the aim to accelerate the disclosure of this brutal murder.During the investigation proposed and tested several versions of the perfect murder, also checked investigative way possible involvement in the crime of a number of individuals, including previous convictions for various crimes. Read more -->

Men Pugacheva sing and drink with other Moldovan Poroshenko

Men Pugacheva sing and drink with other Moldovan PoroshenkoIn Moldova sum up the results of the parliamentary elections. Democratic party of Moldova, headed by oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc was not able to get in the top three, but as he tried! A friend and colleague of the Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko plahotniuc (which, by the way, and Romanian citizenship) ahead of elections staged a "parachutes" Russian pop stars in the center of Chisinau.According to Super, in support of the Democratic party, standing up for maximum rapprochement with the EU and rupture of relations with Russia, with scenes on the Great national Assembly square agitated Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Andrey Malakhov and Laima Vaikule. And if Baskov and Vaikule money just does not smell - sang and went, but the audience was, husbands Diva actively agitated."Democrats are people who can be trusted! They can do good things for your family - quoted resource Kirkorov. And we together with the party that supports family values!". In gratitude, the representative of the party handed Kirkorov Moldovan belt, which the artist immediately tied on itself (in the last time Philip put on on all that fall under the arm/leg - see photo below).Maxim Galkin and had decided to greet the residents of Chisinau in the Romanian language. And in their free concert time comedian appeared in the pre-election headquarters of the party, where they met with by Vlad Plahotniuc, to discuss political topics.Pictures plahotniuc then posted on his page in Facebook. Read more -->

Sands are not aware of proposals for a paid entry into Moscow

Sands are not aware of proposals for a paid entry into MoscowPress Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov not know about the initiative of the Moscow authorities on the introduction of a congestion charge in the city."Don't comment, I don't know about that," said Peskov the radio station "Moscow Speaking".According to him, such a proposal in principle there is no need to agree with the President's administration.Earlier, media reported, citing its own sources that the Kremlin allegedly endorsed the initiative of the city authorities on the introduction of a congestion charge in the city. . . . . . Read more -->

Palm Sunday will change the schedule suburban trains

Palm Sunday will change the schedule suburban trainsApril 13, in the suburbs trains stop at additional stations, reported the press service of the regional Ministry of transport."For the comfort and convenience of passengers, many of whom are elderly, on the occasion of the celebration of palm Sunday, the suburban trains will be assigned stop. Changes in the schedule to touch the commuter trains Belarusian, Paveletskaya, Kiev, Kazan, Kursk, Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod and Leningrad areas," said Minister of transport of the Moscow region Alexander Zaitsev. . . . . Read more -->

Media: Total exits JV with LUKOIL

Media: Total exits JV with LUKOILThe work on creation of joint venture Total and LUKOIL on the development of hard-to-recover oil reserves in Western Siberia is suspended because of the sanctions, writes the Financial Times (FT)."The joint venture with LUKOIL definitely stopped. But it is not started, so will not have any effect [Total]," the FT quoted the chief Executive of French oil and gas company Christophe de Margerie.Earlier, in an interview with Bloomberg senior Vice President of Total markets of continental Europe and Central Asia Michael Borrell said that the French company "overestimates" the plans for the extraction of shale oil in Western Siberia, in partnership with LUKOIL on the background of economic sanctions against Russia. The representative of the Russian company said that LUKOIL had not received official notification of change of status of cooperation, according to "Vedomosti".Total and LUKOIL agreed to establish a JV for the production of unconventional oil in the Bazhenov formation in West Siberia in may 2014 it is Planned that the Russian company will be 51% in the JV. Within two years the company was supposed to co-invest in exploration $120-150 millionRecall, on the eve of Total announced the sale of part of the assets due to a decline. . . Read more -->

The verdict in the case Conceiva can endure in March

The verdict in the case Conceiva can endure in MarchThe criminal case against the former Vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Victor Conceiva and his 12 accomplices is nearing completion. This was announced during today's press conference with journalists the Chairman of the Kurgan regional court Sergey Uvarov. According to him, the punishment may be imposed in March, correspondent ."In our opinion, the proceedings goes to its end, and most likely in March, we will move to courtroom for sentencing," said Sergei Uvarov, answering the journalists ' question about the progress of the trial of Anteevy.Also Uvarov noted that in the criminal case were questioned more than 70 witnesses and investigated all written evidence. Recall that in fact there are more than 100 volumes. The trial lasted from 5 August 2013."Red tape or delay things do not exist. We are interested in the case to be considered," Uvarov said.As explained in the press service of the Kurgan regional court, the judge who conducts the case Conceiva - Denis Kiryanov - it was decided that since the beginning of March the court session will be held four times a week, Monday to Thursday, instead of three, as it was before.Recall that the ex-Deputy mayor Victor kontiev his 12 accomplices are accused of several crimes: murder, bribery, complicity, kidnapping, illegal acquisition of weapons, extortion, money laundering. Read more -->

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