Mechel for the nine months decreased coal production by 17%

Mechel for the nine months decreased coal production by 17%JSC "Mechel" for the first nine months of the current year has reduced coal production by 17% compared to the same period last year to 17 million tons, steel production by 13% (3 million tons). Implementation of coking coal fell by 7% to 4 million tonnes, the report says the company.See also:-->Dubrovsky believes that "Mechel" can save "vacation credit" for five yearsAs reported in the press service of "Mechel", overall reduction in coal production by 17% and sales by 7% was a result of stopping the production capacity of the North American company "Mechel of Blooston" and reducing the amount of coal OAO southern Kuzbass" 15% due to shortage of working capital."I want to note that, despite all the difficulties, the implementation of coking coal by Russian enterprises "Mechel" for 9 months of current year has increased by 5% compared to the same period last year. In addition to intra-company sales growth has also provided export markets. The metallurgical division of the group in the third quarter of the current year compared to the second quarter as a whole has maintained production at the level of the previous quarter: production of pig iron increased by 5%, crude steel production decreased by 4%, which was the result of scheduled maintenance of the Converter shop", - said General Director of JSC "Mechel" Oleg KorzhovThe decline in steel production by 13% during the first 9 months of 2014 compared to the same period last year due to suspension of production Elektrostal on CHMK and "Izhstal" because of the abandonment of unprofitable production of low-margin products. Associated with this increased load of the Converter shop led, in turn, to increase intra-group consumption of metallurgical raw materials. Refusal from sales of third parties and the sale of the greater part of the European distribution network "Mechel Service global" also led to lower sales volumes in fact, throughout the range of the metallurgical division when compared to the same period last year."Despite the fact that all the divisions are cost-effective and able to generate profits even at today's record low prices for coal, ore and steel, in the third quarter of 2014, the company production has been affected by the shortage of working capital, which was caused by the fact that in the reporting period Mechel served the debt repayment schedule, which was calculated for a completely different economic situation. Read more -->

Despite the conclusion of "expertise", the court resumes the hearing on the demolition of the "Behemoth""

Despite the conclusion of Today, the arbitration court of Perm region resumed production at the suit of the Leninsky district administration of Perm to the individual entrepreneur Dmitry Denisov on the demolition of the extension to the building is a cultural monument, located on street Siberian, 19b. Here was built a nightclub "Hippo" correspondent .Recall, the Arbitration court of Perm region in August last year gave the bailiff a writ by which they were obliged to stop illegal construction work on the construction of the extension to the historic building. However, work continued until November, and the building was almost completely built.Previously, the court suspended the proceedings in connection with the examination, by means of which the owners tried to prove that the dismantling of the glass of the extension will lead to the collapse of the building-monument of the house merchant Alina."The media has got information that the demolition of illegally constructed club Behemoth came upon the conclusion of the examination, stating that the attachment has always been, and its removal will damage the monument," writes a member of the Committee on the rules of land use and development (PHC) Denis Galician in her live journal.Make sure the reverse is very simple - it is enough to study the satellite images."Compare the pictures on the cards Yandex and Google maps. which updates their cards more often: Yandex extension yet, but Google is already there. The technical difficulty was that in the Internet there is no shooting dates and authenticity of the picture to the court no one will confirm it," writes Galitsky.But, as it turned out, some firms offer dated satellite images. If desired, you can order them at 12-15 thousand rubles, "It's even less than that have to pay upon appointment by the court of examination," the expert concludes. Read more -->

The government has proposed to fine media up to 1 million rubles for the justification of extremism and terrorism

The government has proposed to fine media up to 1 million rubles for the justification of extremism and terrorismThe government of the Russian Federation submitted to the state Duma a bill providing high fines for media for incitement to extremism and terrorism correspondent .Amended, provides for fines for media offices from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles for the production and release of products containing public incitement of terrorist activity and (or) materials, publicly justifying terrorism and (or) other materials calling for extremist activities either substantiating or justifying the need for such activity.Production and production media containing materials, a cult of violence and cruelty, will entail the imposition of an administrative fine on legal entities from 20 thousand to 200 thousand roubles with confiscation of the subject of an administrative offence if any, stated in the document.In the explanatory note to the bill says that the document has been prepared in order to strengthen against the "abuse of freedom of mass information".In June of this year, President Vladimir Putin signed the law, which entered prison on charges of incitement to extremism on the Internet. . . . . . Read more -->

For IDPs from Ukraine, who arrived in Tyumen region, there are 50 thousand vacancies

For IDPs from Ukraine, who arrived in Tyumen region, there are 50 thousand vacanciesThe employment Ukrainian displaced persons in the Tyumen region was discussed at the regular meeting of the operational headquarters, which was held by first Deputy Governor Natalia szewczyk.As reported in the press service of the head of the region, currently in Tyumen oblast profit of more than 2.5 thousand citizens of Ukraine. Over 100 people came this week and were placed in the expanded centre of temporary stay in Oporowska area. Today they are specialists of the center of employment, migration and social services. Consultations were held in "one window".According to the regional Department of labor and employment, tensions with the provision of job vacancies in the region is not observed. The Bank job is about 50 thousand applications."Today, the municipalities must once again together with employment centers, business leaders, entrepreneurs to conduct an audit of vacant jobs on the subject of employment opportunities came from the Ukraine. We must help people to find work and housing, develop mechanisms for rapid premises in this category of the population in the society and their further adaptation. Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg on cab, procative on the hood of the police instituted "polovka""

In Yekaterinburg on cab, procative on the hood of the police instituted In Yekaterinburg, Russia's investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the use of violence against a representative of authorities in relation to the 31-year-old local resident, who "drove" on the hood of his car, the police.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, and at December 14, 2014 suspect driving a motor vehicle near one of the houses on Bauman street in Yekaterinburg, has made an impact on employee patrol police, which was intended to check the driver's documents. After completion of hitting the attacker continued movement by car, while the police was on the hood of the car. Subsequently, the police fell from the hood, receiving fall injuries, not dangerous for life or health. . . . Read more -->


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