In the state Duma until recently believed that Poroshenko not bloodthirsty, and suddenly began a civil war""

In the state Duma until recently believed that Poroshenko not bloodthirsty, and suddenly began a civil warThe lower house of the Parliament of the Russian Federation hoped that with the election in Ukraine Petro Poroshenko as President in the South-East will stop killing civilians, said during a press conference on Friday, the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky, correspondent ."We have very few spoke last week about the personality Poroshenko, which is quite a long time began to emerge as a leading candidate to win on may 25. We hoped until the very last moment that, if elected, he will stop the bloodshed, and his election will be the most significant factor to start to de-escalate violence," said Slutsky."But the opposite happened. Until the last days we saw Poroshenko as the Ukrainian policy, on which no blood today, it cannot be considered," added the politician.He also stressed that with the advent of Poroshenko, Ukraine began forcing punitive operations against their own people. . . . Read more -->

In Yugra number of vacancies in five times the number of unemployed

In Yugra number of vacancies in five times the number of unemployedIn Yugra number of vacancies in five times the number of unemployed. These data were presented at the Commission meeting on socio-economic development and to monitor the achievement of targets, which was held by the Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova, have informed in the press service of the head of the region."Claimed by the employers need workers five times greater than the number of officially registered unemployed. There is some reduction in this ratio. It is because at the present time, the season of active job search by the citizens, as well as the fact that we employ temporary migrants from the South-East of Ukraine", - said the head of the region. In this regard, the Governor instructed the Director of the Department of labor and employment of population of the Autonomous Okrug Alexei Varlakov actively work on filling existing vacancies Russian citizens. "We need to focus on activities that give you the opportunity to find workers to fill these vacancies. Read more -->

Another employee of the administration in Perm region came in sight of the security forces

Another employee of the administration in Perm region came in sight of the security forcesIn Cherdyn Interdistrict investigative Department of the Investigative Department of the TFR in Perm Krai completed the investigation of the criminal case against former employee of the Federal penitentiary service of committing crimes stipulated hours 3 tbsp. 159, including 1 tbsp. 290, including 1 tbsp. 285, h 1 tbsp. 286 of the criminal code (fraud by abuse of official position, bribery, abuse of power, abuse of power).See also:-->Employee of the penitentiary service in the Perm region will be judged for fake sick list-->In the administration of the Perm region continue cleaning the head office dismissedAs reported in the regional investigative Committee, according to the investigation, the Deputy chief of PKU-DEC-19 of the penitentiary service of Russia for Perm region in 2013 promised convicted of remuneration to decide on his parole. However, after receiving the money in the amount of 25 thousand rubles his promise was not fulfilled."He's in 2013 received from another convict 25 thousand rubles in bribes during his employment at the workplace with favorable working conditions. Read more -->

Evgeny Teftelev appointed city Manager of Chelyabinsk

Evgeny Teftelev appointed city Manager of ChelyabinskThe deputies of the city Duma of Chelyabinsk today approved Evgeny Teftelev as head of the city administration. As the correspondent for the appointment of the municipal Parliament voted unanimously.Deputy Vladimir Bodrov reported on the outcome of the competition Commission, which reviewed the documents of candidates for the position of city Manager of Chelyabinsk."Evgeny Teftelev has extensive experience in government, has established itself as a competent Manager," said he.The contract with Teftelev, who previously held the post of head of Magnitogorsk, will be imprisoned for two years. After the vote, he took a seat near the head of Chelyabinsk, Chairman of the city Duma Stanislav Moshavim."Magnitogorsk is a big city, but Chelyabinsk is the capital of the southern Urals and traditions. In my life, he is not the first time. I see only success in solving the issues of Executive and legislative power. Ready to meet with each of the parliamentary Commission. Read more -->

The players, "Tyumen" lost in Saratov

The players, On 9-th round of the championship in Germany Saratov met local "Falcon" and "Tyumen". The hosts were the better team with the score 2:1, the correspondent .The first goal was scored in the 33rd minute "Falcon" scored Ryabokobylenko. At the end of the hour of the game players "Tyumen" equalized thanks to the efforts of Kuleshov. However, at the last minute meetings Degtyarev brought victory to Saratov."Tyumen" continues to occupy 11th place in the table. . . Read more -->

In Tyumen lit showroom

In Tyumen lit showroomThis morning in Tyumen lit showroom on the street fedjuninsky.As reported in the press center of EMERCOM of Russia for Tyumen region, the message about the fire was received at 10.35, firefighters arrived at the scene after 10 minutes."Currently, the extinguishing of the fire continues. According to preliminary data, there were no injuries," he said in MES. . . . . Read more -->

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