Naftoservis will not be UVZ "magic wand" is the main "battle" continues for cars

Naftoservis will not be UVZ The creation of the Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" national engineering service companies will not lead to changing work priorities of the enterprise. In the production of military goods and goods rolling stock weight UVZ much more than in the field service of equipment for the oil and gas industry, experts say .Recall that the Ministry has chosen UVZ as a base to create the first Russian service companies, which will bring together producers of oil and gas equipment. In establishing the first branch of the JV will bring together leading companies in the industry: Yurga engineering plant, "machinery", "Izhneftemash", "Volgaburmash", innovation firm "Anna", OMZ, "GEOTECH holding", Krylov state research centre.The General Director of the Agency "Infoline-Analytics" Mikhail Burmistrov believes that the government's choice fell on UVZ for objective reasons."UVZ already have some assets in this segment, and the Corporation also is the largest potential consolidator. Do not create the same service company from scratch, must be the management that will be able to solve the problem of import substitution," said Burmistrov.On the market of oil and gas equipment Corporation came out relatively recently. In 2012, UVZ received certificates of conformity for mobile drilling rigs with the capacity of 160 and 125 so MBR-160 and ybr - 125 is designed for drilling and servicing oil and gas wells up to 5 thousand meters. Serial production drilling on wheels" the company is not reported.Last year UVZ faced problems in their main markets: demand for cars has decreased by almost 30%, and 40% of the production plant was sold to a private transport company "UVZ logistics". Read more -->

FC Tyumen" was published in the national Football League draw against Zenit

FC TyumenFootball club "Tyumen" had qualified in the national Football League, making a home draw with the team from Izhevsk, correspondent .Recall match with the club "Zenit-Izhevsk" could become "Tyumen" a trip to Germany provided home victory or a draw in this game. The meeting ended with the score 1:1 - goal "tumenta" Serdyukov said Malakhovsky, having a penalty. Thus, Tyumen won the championship of Russia in the zone "Ural-Volga" second division next season will start in Germany. . . . Read more -->

23 young Chelyabinsk received a passport from the hands Dubrovsky

23 young Chelyabinsk received a passport from the hands DubrovskyToday, 12 December, Governor Boris Dubrovsky handed the passport to the young residents of the Chelyabinsk region. As reported in the press service of the head of the region, the event was timed to the Day of the Constitution and conduct of the all-Russian action "We are the citizens of Russia!".Passport from the hands Dubrovsky received 23 South Ural resident 14 years of age. The ceremony became teenagers, have some success in school, sports, work, participants and winners of regional, national and international competitions and tournaments.The Governor congratulated children with important and significant in the life of every person event with the presentation of a passport."From this day you become full citizens of our country. You now have to increasingly make their own decisions, to respect fundamental rights and duties of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Obviously, your main duty now is to study, and need a solid knowledge in order to attain personal success. So now we need a responsible attitude to the future life, to develop their potential to more confidently engage in adult social life. Read more -->

Unemployment in Russia compared to September increased

Unemployment in Russia compared to September increasedThe unemployment rate in Russia in October 2014 was 5.1%. In September, this index was equal to 4.9%. This data leads Rosstat, reports TASS.According to the Agency, in October unemployed qualified 3.9 million people.Compared with October 2013, the number of unemployed decreased by 6.6%. In October of the current year as unemployed was registered 0.8 million people, including 0.6 million people were receiving unemployment benefits.The number of economically active population in October amounted to 75.9 million people, or 53% of the total population of the country.The average monthly salary in October, according to Rosstat, was 32 250 thousand rubles, and in comparison with the similar period of the previous year grew by 8.6%. . . Read more -->

The man who stole the girl in Verkhnyaya Pyshma and extort a ransom for her, was sentenced to eight years of Strokach""

The man who stole the girl in Verkhnyaya Pyshma and extort a ransom for her, was sentenced to eight years of StrokachIn Verkhnyaya Pyshma thief girl was sentenced to 8 years of Strokach". Valentin Rychkov kidnapped their victims in broad daylight, threatening her with a screwdriver, and then extorted from her relatives ransom.As reported in the press service of the Prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region, the court found that in November last year, about 15 hours in the Parking lot of the warehouse complex "construction" in the village of Zalesie Upper Pyshma Valentine Rychkov approached the car 22-year-old girl, and threatened with a screwdriver, and sat her in the car and ordered to go to the forest.After that, having received the consent of your partner Sergey Malyshev, he brought the victim to his house in the garden Association in the village Green forest. Here the girl held up to the arrest of criminals by the police. However, Rychkov cell phone to call her family and demanded to give them 300 thousand rubles for her release.Depending on the role each trial they were found guilty of committing crimes under articles Kidnapping, Extortion and Aiding and abetting extortion". The court sentenced Rychkova to eight years of imprisonment with serving in a correctional colony of strict regime. Malyshev was sentenced to one year of imprisonment to be served in a correctional colony of General regime. Read more -->

The new Governor of the TRANS-Urals told about the plans for the next week and called numbers to reduce officials

The new Governor of the TRANS-Urals told about the plans for the next week and called numbers to reduce officialsThe elected Chairman of the TRANS, but still acting Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin, held today, September 15, after the first election press conference. The journalists the head of the region told about their plans for the next week, about priorities, which intends to solve. Shared Kokorin and thoughts about the new team, and also spoke about the reorganization of the government apparatus, the correspondent .At a press conference Alexey Kokorin honestly admitted that he expected to win with a positive result: initially himself has set the bar in 76-78%, but the voting results surpassed even such high figures and scored 84,87%. According to the acting Governor inauguration is scheduled for 26 September, the population gave him great credibility, and now it faces the main task is to justify the confidence of the President, the expectations of and you don't perform all that he has planned for these eight months since the appointment."Thanks to all who came to the polls, those who voted for me. I want to thank my opponents for a fair fight. Elections we were fair, transparent, legitimate. Read more -->

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