Lukashenko held a serious reshuffle

Lukashenko held a serious reshufflePresident of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has appointed a new Prime Minister.As reported on the website of the head of state, head of government was Andrei Kobyakov, previously held the post of head of the presidential administration.The Prime Minister was previously Mikhail Myasnikovich. Head of the presidential administration became Alexander Kosinets (was Chairman of the Vitebsk regional Executive Committee).Also Lukashenko has appointed new chairmen of the Brest, Vitebsk and Mogilev oblast Executive committees.Anatoly Lis appointed Chairman of the Brest regional Executive Committee (previously the area was headed by Konstantin Sumar). The Chairman of the Vitebsk oblast Executive Committee appointed Nikolai Sherstnev (instead of Alexander Kosinets, scheduled on Saturday, head of the presidential administration, Vladimir Domaniewski took the post of the head of Mogilev regional Executive Committee (previously the post was released Petr Rudnik).First Deputy Prime Minister Lukashenko made the Chairman of the Belarusian subsidiary of Sberbank - BPS-Sberbank - Basil Matyushevsky, and Vice - Vladimir Semashko (until recently, he was the first Deputy Myasnikovich) and Natalia Kochanova, the head of the city administration of Novopolotsk.The Minister of education appointed Michael Zhuravkov, Minister for taxes and levies - Sergei Nalivayko, head of the Ministry of industry - Vitaly Vovk, head of the Ministry of economy Vladimir zinovskii.Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Belarus appointed Pavel Kallaur (Chairman of the Board "Belvnesheconombank"). . . . Read more -->

In the Kremlin will not reveal the location newyear treatment Putin

In the Kremlin will not reveal the location newyear treatment PutinIn the Kremlin in advance will not reveal where you will be recording the new year's address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the people of the country."We will not announce and don't tell," said the Reuters press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.Previously Advisor to the head of the Federal security service Sergei Devyatov told the radio station that the Spasskaya tower, which was the traditional place of a case record, is closed for restoration: in connection with the repair will be dismantled arrows, numbers, chimes, and those who will celebrate the New year on red square will not be able to see the chimes at 12 o'clock at night. In this case, the mechanism of the clock continues to run.Restoration of the clock tower will last until spring. . . . . Read more -->

South Ural diamond factory Nikita Mikhalkov audited

South Ural diamond factory Nikita Mikhalkov auditedThe arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region satisfied the claim of the former General Director of LLC "Elprom-diamond (among the co - Director Nikita Mikhalkov and his son-in-law, businessman albert Tanks) Alexander Sintjaeva that required to provide documentation of the company to audit the correspondent .See also:-->"Missing" the founder of the South Ural diamond factory Nikita Mikhalkov has been sued about the audit of the enterpriseIn the case says that SINTEF filed a lawsuit against the LLC Elprom-diamond (city Kusa) on the recognition of the illegal actions of the Director General. He asked me to oblige the current head of the company to provide all necessary documents for audit activities of the company for the years 2010-2012 and nine months of 2013, and to provide the auditor access to the accounting documents of the company. As third parties to participate in the case, the court drew albert Bakova, Nikita Mikhalkov, Mikhail Bolotin, not declaring independent requirements.According to information posted on the website of the arbitration, 20 October the claim was fully satisfied.Note that parallel to the court on December 30, 2013 considering the case of bankruptcy of the enterprise. The claims of the creditors at the initial stage of bankruptcy was 197,8 million rubles, and the seizure showed that the value of the assets does not exceed 161 million rubles In March 2014 on "Elprom-diamond" was introduced external control procedure.The first meeting of creditors was held on August 26. In particular, it was decided to extend the external control of up to 18 months and the statement by the representative of the creditors ' meeting George Churilova. These solutions CHELYABINVESTBANK currently disputed, as voted for bankruptcy for a period of six and not 18 months. Read more -->

The youth returned to the district prepared demanded by the engineers, the Governor of Yamal

The youth returned to the district prepared demanded by the engineers, the Governor of YamalThe Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Dmitriy Kobylkin took part in the meeting dedicated to the issues of education, which is the day before in the video conference held Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Urals Federal district Igor Kholmanskikh. At the meeting were raised two current issues - development of the system of engineering education and General education, including the results of the Unified state examination in 2014, the press service of the head of Yamal."The current strategic trends in the development of the economy lie in the transition to the development of knowledge-intensive industries. The quality of training of graduates is largely determined by the quality of training in secondary schools," - said in the beginning of the meeting, the Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in the Urals Federal district, speaking about the relevance of the development of the system of engineering education. Igor Kholmanskikh recalled that the President has set a task to create 25 million productive jobs by 2020, He also said that, according to the calculations, on the territory of the Urals Federal district will create 2 millionThe head of the Arctic region, Dmitry Kobylkin informed the Ambassador that the development of the system of engineering education in the district passes a comprehensive and on several fronts. Develops specialized training high school students (coverage 92,8%); profile classes are created with the participation of large companies (Gazprom classes, Rosneft classes, NOVATEK classes); 2013 implemented the regional concept of mathematical education (tasks to improve the prestige of relevant software engineering and technical direction, implementation of the course "Chess" in elementary school, professional development of teachers of mathematics). Most employ a system of additional education (new associations on the topics of Robotics" in Muravlenko, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy, Labytnangi, Salekhard, Nadym and PUR districts; established industrial parks in the Nadym and Muravlenko). Read more -->

The Pentagon issued a statement about the possibility of war with Russia over Ukraine

The Pentagon issued a statement about the possibility of war with Russia over UkraineUs Secretary of defense Chuck Hagel eliminates the possibility of military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia because of the situation in the East of Ukraine.According to the head of the Pentagon, Moscow continues to take a very dangerous steps that lead to escalation of tension" in Ukraine, and these steps will have implications for the Russian Federation". At the same time, said Hagel, United States "will not be because of this fight a war, a war against Russia, RIA Novosti reported with reference to CNN.However, Hagel spoke in defense chosen by the US administration's approach to the crisis in Ukraine. . . . Read more -->

Altai Governor declared a state of emergency in several regions because of the flooding

Altai Governor declared a state of emergency in several regions because of the floodingThe head of the Altai territory Alexander Karlin declared a state of emergency on the territory of Biysk, Solton, Krasnogorsk, Biysk, Krasnoselskoe, Chryssoula and Soloneshenskogo areas of the Altai territory. As reported in the press service of the regional administration, in Barnaul, despite the fact that the level of the Ob river rose by 40 centimeters, ES to enter is not planned. The press service of the Governor noted that the introduction of state of emergency allows for the prevention of serious consequences associated with damage to property, damage to the life and health of citizens. Residents of some areas, including in the science city of Biysk already evacuated those who reside on the territory of flooding, and those whose homes are under threat.According to the head of the region, the most serious situation is in the number of settlements Soloneshenskogo district (district Solonechenskoye, village Topolino), Chryssoula district (district rivers and the village of Krasny Partizan)."In total, these areas resettlement produced from 1,5 thousand houses. But in General the situation is under control, victims and harm the health of citizens is not allowed. Citizens who relocated from dangerous areas, placed in specially prepared items, where they were provided with food and medical assistance. Read more -->

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