The players, "Tyumen" scored three goals "Chemist" in the championship Germany

The players, On the eve of the stadium "Geologist" in Tyumen in the framework of the 8-th round of the national Football League local club received "Chemist" from Dzerzhinsk. The meeting ended with a clear victory for the "Tyumen" correspondent .The first goal in the 18th minute, scored Clayton. At the 36th one of the newcomers "Tyumen" Eugene Savin (photo) increased the advantage of the owners by implementing penalties. Early in the second half Umirbaev one ball played, but at the end of the game Lado set the final score to 3:1.After this game "Tyumen" takes the 11th place in the championship of Germany, having 11 points. The next match of the tournament, the team will play on the road against Saratov "Falcon"". . Read more -->

The driver of opposition activity at the University was named rector of the ceremony. All this happens with the approval Koksharova

The driver of opposition activity at the University was named rector of the ceremony. All this happens with the approval KoksharovaSocial Patriotic opened, as they believe, the preparation of the color revolution in the Urals. To such conclusion the patriots came watching held in the University lectures. Themselves lecturers and the content of their speeches assessed a civil activists as anti-Russian and anti-state, writes Interpolator.The major wine bloggers-patriots laid on the urfu rector Viktor Koksharov. However, some observers believe that in reality the "driver" of opposition activity in the host Ural University is not Koksharov, rector and Vice-rector Dmitry Bugrov.They believe that Koksharov, in General, being Pro-Western-minded man, still focused on "external relations" of the University, but Bugrov is responsible for the educational process. As I mute the educational process Hillocks, in their opinion, lectures opposition for students and organizes.Indirect reasons for such conclusions, perhaps really is. Read more -->

Gazprom may cut up to 25% of employees

Gazprom may cut up to 25% of employeesGazprom began to think about the large-scale staff reductions. As informs "Interfax", the band discussed the reduction from 15% to 25%. About the expected layoffs reported by the employees of the parent company and subsidiaries.Until the end of the year units Gazprom instructed to submit their proposals for new staffing. Until the end of 2015 new staffing configuration must be applied in practice. . . Read more -->

It is worth noting that illegally built institution strawberry" "Hippo" still works

images/image_58080.jpg. . . . . . Read more -->

Zorboska Embassy after the "rape""

Zorboska Embassy after the Desecrated by vandals and "peaceful demonstrators" the Russian Embassy in Kiev becomes "attractions". Vidoma young people photographed on the background of the Embassy, older people simply take the eye, but to restore order here, no one is going, writes blogger Flackelf and publishes pictures of the building a few hours after the end of Nazi provocation, correspondent .Let's remind, on June 14, about 100 people gathered near the Russian Embassy in Ukraine and began to throw the building firecrackers, firecrackers, stones, eggs, and other debris. The police did not react to what is happening. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the actions of the people of "provocation".The discussion of such relationships to the building of the diplomatic mission, the members of the UN security Council to discuss refused, believing, perhaps, that this is normal behavior with respect to diplomats and complies with European and global values.Photos - results "peaceful rally" in a country where "no fascism".Note that the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov has returned to Kiev just before inauguration Petro Poroshenko, a few months Russian high-ranking diplomats was not in Ukraine. . . Read more -->

In the suburbs of taxi drivers are"illegals" was fined 10.5 million rubles

In the suburbs of taxi drivers areThe Ministry of transport of the Moscow region has imposed fines on illegal operators, announced the press-service Agency."In the course of measures to curb illegal passenger transportation on the territory of Moscow region staff of the Ministry of transport has launched more than one thousand administrative Affairs. Of these 220 cases against individual entrepreneurs and legal persons Total amount of fines imposed 10.5 million rubles", - said the Minister of transport of the Moscow region Alexander Zaitsev. . . . . Read more -->

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