Residents of Kamchatka affected by the floods will receive compensation

Residents of Kamchatka affected by the floods will receive compensationAffected by flood inhabitants of Kamchatka Krai will receive compensation, the correspondent .According to the head of the region Vladimir Ilyukhin, the first payment of the inhabitants of the Penzhina district will receive this week. Each family member will be allotted 10 thousand rubles. "Once you go big water, the Commission from among the employees of district and village administrations will make podvorovye crawl and will determine the amount of compensation. It is 50 thousand rubles for the partial loss of the property and 100 thousand rubles - for the full," said the Governor.Ilyukhin has promised to come in the Penzhina area in mid July to personally monitor the progress of the restoration work, said the regional government.Meanwhile, in the Penzhina district continues to work the operative group of rescuers. . . Read more -->

Former postmaster in Chelyabinsk received two years probation for awarding pensions

Former postmaster in Chelyabinsk received two years probation for awarding pensionsThe Soviet district court of Chelyabinsk was sentenced to two years of conditional imprisonment of the head post offices No. 5 branch of FSUE "Russian Post" Galina Smolentseva that stole 496 thousand rublesAccording to the investigation, from August 2013 to February 2014 woman awarded the money intended for payment of pensions and allowances: she forged signatures in order, knowing that the payment of citizens are not received. As found by the investigators, it was stolen funds more than 100 pensioners, the disabled and veterans of labor.As reported in office of public Prosecutor of the region, at the time of the hearing the defendant was recovered damages in the amount of 54 thousand rubles. . . . Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg in the yard of a residential home found the shell during the great Patriotic war

In Yekaterinburg in the yard of a residential home found the shell during the great Patriotic warIn Yekaterinburg in the yard of one of the houses discovered the projectile. Presumably, the munition during the great Patriotic war.As have informed in the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg, August 17 at 20.31 the duty of the police Department в„–10 was reported found by the citizens of the projectile in the yard No. 15 on Ul. Boring. At the scene immediately went investigative team of the police, as well as specialists of "Ural-pennant". At this time patrolling nearby streets the police arrived and began the evacuation of the inhabitants of the two entrances, as well as citizens who were at the time at an unsafe distance from the projectile.Arriving at the emergency specialists of "Ural-pennant" examined the projectile and found that it is not explosive. Read more -->

Alexey Kokorin met with the owners of utilities TRANS. What managed to agree

Alexey Kokorin met with the owners of utilities TRANS. What managed to agreeThe acting Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin today, March 14, held a meeting with the owners of enterprises in the energy unit. In particular acting head of the region discussed with them the issues of formation of tariffs for enterprises and population of the TRANS-Urals.As reported in the press service of the Governor, the parties managed to agree that the supply of new industries and new industrial consumers in the region will be in the foreground - technological connection of consumers to be free of charge to consumers through investment energy company. New projects will be offered the most cost-effective modes of supply "high voltage" tariff with the highest price, hours of use power.In addition, the government will seek to "freeze" the growth of tariffs for the population for the next period. Alexey Kokorin noted that tariff policy for consumers - individuals - will remain balanced and socially oriented.The parties also agreed that from 1 July will not increase the tariff for electricity transmission networks in the region, which is important for Industrialists TRANS.In turn, the government will work with the Russian government and the Ministry of energy in order to establish a uniform regime favored energy investment within one service area to all consumers were in the same position and energy security issues were solved on an equal footing for all subjects of the Russian Federation. This will reduce tariffs for industrial consumers Kurgan region by about 15%. Read more -->

"Corporation of development" will report on the implementation of investment projects in Yugra

Tomorrow in the Duma Yugra government will be the hour, one of the issues which will be the report "development Corporation" on the implementation of investment projects in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, the correspondent .In the work of the participants will be Ugra deputies, heads and representatives of the district authorities. Information about the activities of CU will present TOP managers of the company.Recall, on the territory of Yugra CU implements projects such as the "Polar quartz" project plans the construction of meridional railway line midnight - Ob, secondary schools, housing of economy class in Surgut, and the creation of ore and hydrocarbon clusters. . . . . Read more -->

After the "opening" agent USA network in Yekaterinburg can recall the Consul General

After the Sverdlovsk law enforcers continue to "dig" rezidentura network in the USA. Officially situation intelligence and law enforcement agencies do not comment, but "suspicious" in fact, really a lot, and that alleged the defendants behave, at least, strange. Thread ecological implications festering scandal are drawn to the "Greenpeace", the behavior otreshivshiisya from all volunteers - bellantonio alarming, and the opportunity to participate Sverdlovsk nationalists likely.Recall from exposure rezidentura network of the United States made scandaleuses Pervouralsk society activist Stepan Chernogorov. He told how he had been "embedded in the network structure opponents, during which he managed to obtain information about funding American organizations subversive activities in Russia. It all started with the madrasah with a sword "SABR". According to Chernogubov, when he received information about the funding that has been suggested by foreigners under the project of construction of madrasah in Pervouralsk city mosque, knowing that this place will become a hotbed of non-traditional Islam, he began to search for ways to counter. Read more -->

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