ANO "Perm-36" does not intend to deviate from the cases: banderowski Museum are planned to be reconstructed at the expense of presidential grants...

ANO Despite a recent statement, the management of ANO "Perm-36" not only does not intend to withdraw from work in the Museum, but also claims to be the state and presidential grant. In the near future the government of the Perm region should allocate for NGOs premises on the territory of Perm and the former colony-36. Such decisions were taken during the "working meeting" in the presidential Administration, dedicated to the Museum "Perm-36", which can be described as the meeting of the "fifth column" in the Kremlin correspondent .The meeting was held on Saturday, September 6, in the domestic policy Department of the presidential Administration. The initiator of the meeting was the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the development of civil society and human rights Mikhail Fedotov. Like last time in the Administration of the President (AP) gathered Chairman of the society "memorial" Arseny Roginsky, human rights activist and public figure Vladimir Lukin and the head of the administration of Governor Alexey Frolov. According to one of the participants of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees ANO "Perm-36" Alexei Simonov, the conversation was Frank and productive."The event was quite Frank. Read more -->

MOI on the UFD is working in normal mode

MOI on the UFD is working in normal modeRussian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, according to which the country is only one Department of the Ministry of interior of the Federal district in the Northern Caucasus. However, according to experts, the reduction of police to happen in order to create on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol about 15 thousand jobs for law enforcement officers, correspondent .The head of the press service of the MIA of Russia in the Urals Federal district Svetlana Novik said that while the control is running in normal mode: "In the decree of the President are not talking about the elimination of district administrations, it says just about the management in the North Caucasus. Our work is to investigate an important and high-profile cases continues, experts are working in normal mode. No indication on the transfer or dismissal of employees, according to my information, has been received".In turn, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Alexander Khinshtein said that management still disbanded. "As I predicted, the decision on liquidation of the main departments of the Ministry of the interior on Federal districts. 21 General switched at the disposal of the Minister," the MP said in his Twitter.As I predicted, the decision on liquidation of the main departments of the Ministry of the interior on Federal districts. Read more -->

Where 500 million? Income data regional deputies failed prosecution

Where 500 million? Income data regional deputies failed prosecutionThe Perm Krai Prosecutor's office demanded to be placed on the website of the legislative Assembly of the Perm region information on the income of deputies. It was found that information about earnings and property of some deputies do not correspond to reality. Differences in the real and these revenues reach 500 million rublesAs told in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office in the parliamentary reports earnings for 2012 and 2013, published on the official website of the legislative Assembly, many bugs."The number of deputies was clarified information (up to 500 million rubles), but the corresponding changes in the information provided on the official website of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm region, were not made. Also on the website there was no information about the vehicle specified by the member in the help. In addition, examination revealed the incompleteness of the reference number of the deputies," said the police.The Prosecutor demanded to publish on the website a reliable income.Recall, the richest member of the regional Parliament member of "United Russia" Vladimir Zhukov for 2013 earned 225,7 RUB mln 2012 more other lost Professor of Perm state Institute of arts and culture, the Deputy from the "United Russia" Vladimir Danilin: in 2013, its earnings amounted to 1.7 million rubles. . Read more -->

Convicted Sverdlovsk IR-63 admitted that complained to the human rights defenders to beatings, to change the colony

Convicted Sverdlovsk IR-63 admitted that complained to the human rights defenders to beatings, to change the colonyInvestigation Department of the city of Ivdel IC of Russia in Sverdlovsk region conducted preliminary examination according to the statements of members of Public monitoring Committee of Sverdlovsk region and the number of prisoners about the alleged use of prohibited measures against prisoners by staff IR-63 of the penitentiary service of Russia in Sverdlovsk region.As reported in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, during the inspection, the investigator interviewed applicants, with convicts in the colony, he worked with the medical expert of the Sverdlovsk regional Bureau of forensic medical examination (with dislocation in Ivdel). After each survey convicted passed a medical examination, physical injuries, the doctors did not find. During the tests were also interviewed employees of the penal colony.According to the results of an investigation of threats against prisoners is not installed, nor confirmed the facts of the use of violence .But in the course of the preliminary investigation revealed that the prisoners wrote complaints about the violence that they were transferred from penal colony No. 63 in other colonies located closer to their place of residence. So it would be easier to receive parcels and permission to date with their relatives.In connection with the consideration of all these circumstances, 30 August 2014 by the investigator decided not to Institute criminal proceedings on the basis of p. 1 tsp 1 tbsp. Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg tomorrow will be open job fair for refugees from Ukraine

In Yekaterinburg tomorrow will be open job fair for refugees from UkraineYekaterinburg employment center will hold for the citizens, who were forced to leave Ukraine and arrived in the capital of the Urals, the job fair. The event will take place tomorrow from 11.00 to 14.00 at the site of the Ural state economic University. Services employment services are provided free of charge. This was reported in the city administration."Vacancies were selected not only from the options presented by the organizations and enterprises, but also from city base," said the center's specialists.The fair will be attended by more than 40 companies. Employers will offer candidates a few hundred vacancies with a big list of professions. In addition, the specialists of the employment center will inform the applicants about the services provided by the institution, and sought after professions in the labour market.Note that in addition to searching job it will be possible to receive consultations of specialists, including the nuances of filling out resumes and preparing for job interview. Read more -->

"March traitors" still held in Yekaterinburg, and its organizers did not hesitate to publish banderowskie agitation in social networks

Probandwise "peace March", nicknamed March "traitors" will still take place in the capital of the Urals. The event is coordinated with the city authorities and will be held on Sunday, September 21.As stated on page organizers in social networks, to begin with, the participants will be a March from Krasnoarmeyskaya street to the square of Defense. Earlier it was planned that bellantoni will be about Lenin Ave to the Work area, but this route is "rejected" the mayor is saying that this territory is already claimed by another event.The current "peace March" will be held on the same day, which is similar to the Moscow event. Here and there "March" is positioned as a pacifist, but in Moscow (where I plan to attend the neo-fascists), and in Yekaterinburg traced probandwise nature of the action. So, one of the Ural organizers of the "March" Felix Rivkin (RPR-Parnas), unashamedly, publishes on his page in Facebook of revelations of the appearance of Stanislaw Cukaricki, where he calls the Russian flag "aquafresh", President - obscene banderowski nickname, and Luhansk "Logand**om".Residents sent a clear signal: if you're a fascist and advocate a "white Europe" come to March against Russia.It is surprising that with such frankness opposition asking users of social networks to "chip in" on the organization of the campaign. As stated on the page already collected 3000 rubles.In Yekaterinburg events such as "peace March" was held under the auspices bellantoni parties RPR-Parnas, "Solidarity". Read more -->

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