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In Ekaterinburg Park settled a pair of kangaroos: "Sit on his tail and pressed seeds""

In Ekaterinburg Park settled a pair of kangaroos: In the petting zoo Yekaterinburg Central Park of culture and leisure. Mayakovsky had a couple of kangaroos. Animals were brought to the capital of the Urals in the early spring, but the quarantine was ended only three days ago, now to get acquainted with them can be anyone.As have informed in the press service of the institution, the spring until it was cold, kangaroos lived in a warm cage and passed the period of adaptation. During this time they built a new house in the summer the outdoor aviary. Recently kangaroo released, and they began to slowly get used to get used to the visitors. Eating marsupial carrots, apples, zucchini, eggplants, but their favorite food is sunflower seeds."They click them as people, paws purifying peel. In the process of eating food sitting on the tail. Adults and children are delighted with these new residents," - said the press service.Next to kangaroos live ostrich and camel. Experts have been unable to determine the age of a kangaroo, but judging by their growth can be assumed that they are still very young. Names have yet to be invented, so every visitor contact zoo has the opportunity to offer their own versions unusual sounding names.

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