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In the Sverdlovsk region find the killer of a little girl in the Top-Nevinski. He faces a life sentence

In the Sverdlovsk region find the killer of a little girl in the Top-Nevinski. He faces a life sentenceThe first division for the investigation of particularly important cases of the investigative Committee of the Russian Sverdlovsk region previously convicted unemployed 35-year-old resident of the village of Top-Neyvinskogo charged with the rape and murder of a little girl, who disappeared in September of this year.Recall, on September 29, 20.10 the duty of the police Department in the village of Top-neyvinskogo from a local resident born in 1983 received a request for assistance in the search for her minor daughter. Before you contact the police, the woman tried to find the child, but it gave no results. The girl enrolled in the first grade at the local school. Around 15.00 hours after the training she got from the school and disappeared."The child found on the territory of the garden area of the village with signs of violent death, and not far from this place volunteers found the backpack and sneakers girls. The detectives of the criminal investigation Department has established the master of the garden, where there were several viewcompany beds. This is a local resident, police officers looking for him to question. The disclosure of the crime is under control of the head of the MOI of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Mikhail Borodin and the head of the regional investigative Committee Valery Zadorin", - said the head of the press service of the regional MOI Valery Burnt.It should be noted that committing these violent crimes against young girls the attacker threatens punishment up to life imprisonment.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, and at 29 September 2014 defendant, while intoxicated, on Lenin street in the village of Top-Neyvinskogo met previously familiar girl, who asked to take her home because she was scared to go alone because of stray dogs. After some time, passing together with the girl close to wasteland, an attacker raped a girl and then killed her. Then the accused dragged the body into a ditch and covered it with grass and boards.It should be noted that the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the police has taken all possible measures for the disclosure of violent crimes in hot pursuit. In order to ensure more efficient management of the member investigation team at the scene in the village Top-neyvinskogo went personally to the head of the investigation Department of the regional investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Valery splinters.When the disclosure of the murder of the young girls on the initiative of the investigative Committee and the regional police cupola were applied large-scale measures on the organization of the investigation of the alleged offender in the territory of Sverdlovsk region. In the shortest possible time investigators interviewed more than 200 people, almost 300 samples are used to conduct comparative examinations.

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