The Commission POPPY is investigating the accident at the Vnukovo airport that killed President Total

The Commission POPPY is investigating the accident at the Vnukovo airport that killed President TotalThe fact of the accident is under investigation by the Commission of the Interstate aviation Committee with the participation of specialists of the Federal air transport Agency, reported the press service of the airport Vnukovo, where tonight exploded airplane business aviation Dassault Falcon.It is already known that the found flight recorders of an exploding plane.Business jet made a departure from Vnukovo airport in Paris, on Board was one passenger - President of Neftechala Total Christophe de Margerie and three crew members. The takeoff was performed under conditions of a meteorological visibility of 350 m, the coefficient of friction of 0.5, with the runway No. 1 (TLS-1), course 06. During the run in 23.57 MSC collided with a snow machine airfield services. The technique was at the intersection of lanes, the blow fell on a tangent. From strike aircraft tossing it in the air, he rolled over, fell on the runway up chassis and exploded. The wreckage was scattered in a radius of 200 meters.In result of the collision, passengers and all crew members were killed. The snowplow driver of the car was not damaged.Search and rescue flights Vnukovo airport, which immediately began to extinguish fire broken. The airport was temporarily closed. After rescuers and airfield service is convinced it is safe admission and departure of aircraft in 01.34 the airport continued operating in normal mode.Recall that the Total involved in the project Yamal-LNG on the development of the South-Tambeyskoye gas condensate field, including the construction of a plant for the liquefaction of natural gas that will be supplied mainly to the Asia-Pacific region. Investment in the project is estimated at 27 billion dollars.

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