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In Surgut was the year's final meeting of the mayor Popov with residents

In Surgut was the year's final meeting of the mayor Popov with residentson November 25 at the children's school of arts Surgut was the year's final meeting of the mayor Popov with residents of the city.Thematic issues were: the regulation of tariffs for housing and communal services, the organization of power, heat, gas and water supply, drainage, supply of fuel, maintenance and repair of local motor roads, reported the press service of the city administration. In addition, the agenda included the provision of subsidies for housing and communal services to the citizens having the right to receive them.This meeting was one of the longest in this year. The conversation lasted two hours. Only the "latest" and "most recent" questions there were five, then a few more after the meeting. Just Dmitry Popov answered dozens of questions from citizens. Most of them are complaints about the work of managing companies, in particular, on unjustified overstatement of costs for water supply and sanitation, and the refusal to give the requested information. The people were interested in the collection of funds for the major repair of houses, cleaning areas, renting out basements and many others.There was even a proposal to oblige the managers of companies to conduct similar meetings with residents in their neighborhoods."I act within the law," said the mayor, " according to the Charter of Surgut, to oblige the criminal code to meet people - not in my competence. But we strongly recommend to hold such meetings at least once in six months I can. I promise you that these letters will go in control of the company ".Most burning question at all meetings, the latest innovation in payment overhaul of apartment houses. Surgutne asked: how can I accumulate the money collected by the residents of a particular house on a major renovation that they would not dissolve in total payments of Ugorian people?"I appeal to you for help. We agree to pass the money on an overhaul of our home, but to collect them in your special account. To our requests in the district on this issue and received no clear answer. We want the money to spend on the renovation of our house and in time that will satisfy all of the tenants, and not to wait for years when our house will be repaired according to the schedule. Please help us!", - people said."I want to say that you actually have the right to collect funds to repair homes. We are very happy that you want the right to use, - said Dmitry Popov. But today there is no mechanism for the implementation of this law. It is something new, we cannot say that this is a pilot project. Today all subjects of Russia are in the same position as we are. We will make every effort to help all of the HOA and all who wish to accumulate these funds in a special account and personally dispose of them, to provide maximum support. We guarantee absolute safety funds not only for the city of Surgut, but also specifically for each house. Reason not to believe Ugra operator we simply don't have".Just this year, six meetings of the mayor with the population. They have contributed more than five hundred people who asked Dmitry Popov about two hundred questions.

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