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Amnistirovannii Serdyukov reduces staff on the new workplace

Amnistirovannii Serdyukov reduces staff on the new workplaceAmnistirovannii former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov personnel reforms began in his new workplace - in Test center engineering. The Federal Agency is preparing for a significant reduction in personnel, according to "Izvestia".One of the employees said that in the near future can be fired 11 people - almost a third of the remaining 32."Last week there were two assistant Serdyukov and said that reduce people to release 250 thousand in salary. Why the need for this money, we don't say. The situation is uncertain - you come to work, and it is unknown what will happen to you," he said.Izvestia writes that at the same time, the center has announced renting more space.First Deputy General Director Zahid Gagaev was confirmed by the publication plans for restructuring. He said that he did not agree with this decision and tries to defend their employees."The company are slight reduction of technicians, engineers, cleaners. Is the so-called optimization of the structure. We Serdyukov different concepts development center. He is an experienced Manager, but not an engineer. Scientific organization to manage things a little differently than the Ministry of defence. I believe that the center staff must be at least 100-150 people," said Gagaev "news".The company is a part of state Corporation rostec, however, the appointment and dismissal conducts the management of the centre. He is engaged in testing tires for KAMAZ. It is expected that in March, the company will receive money under the contract when Anatoly Serdyukov.Former Minister of defence took over the centre in November last year. On the post of defense Minister Serdyukov also carried out reforms. In particular, reduced the population by about 13%. Armed forces left 130 thousand people, of which 117,5 thousand officers. At the highest officer positions remained about 20% of the previous composition. Three times was reduced state military doctors, eliminated about 30 military hospitals and three military medical University. 64 military schools during his stay Serdyukov, Minister remained only 10 seven times was reduced teaching staff. From 23 thousand military bases remained 7.5 thousand. The number of military districts through mergers reduced from six to four.A year after retiring from the defense Ministry, Serdyukov was accused of negligence. March 6, ex-Minister was pardoned by the police. The decision of the Main military investigation Department of the investigative Committee of Russia on February 21, on the basis of Amnesty in connection with the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and at the request of the Serdyukov."The former Minister, who was accused of negligence, gave the investigator the petition on application to him Amnesty, which almost immediately was accepted", - stated in the message.

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