The investigation of the murder of 8-year-old girl in the village Top-neyvinskogo took control of Valery splinters

The investigation of the murder of 8-year-old girl in the village Top-neyvinskogo took control of Valery splintersIn the Middle Urals continues the investigation of the criminal case instituted under item"b" h 2 tbsp. 105 of the criminal code, in connection with the discovery in the evening of 30 September 2014 in the village of Top-Neyvinskogo hidden body missing on the eve of the 8-year-old girl, with signs of violent death.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, in order to ensure more efficient management of the actions of the participants investigative group on the scene left the head of the investigation Department of the regional investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Valery splinters.At the scene still works enhanced investigative group of experienced forensic investigators of the Central office of the investigative Committee of Russia, as well as investigators and forensic investigators of the regional investigation Department. Already assigned to the complex expertise to establish the exact cause of death of the deceased, as well as persons involved in the Commission of such an audacious crime. By now questioned neighbors and relatives of the victim.During the examination of the scene uses the latest forensic tools (including light tower, 3D camera and expert light). Forensic experts of the regional investigation Department carefully by checking seized from the scene traces for the establishment of microbiological traces of DNA. All forces and means of the aim to accelerate the disclosure of this brutal murder.During the investigation proposed and tested several versions of the perfect murder, also checked investigative way possible involvement in the crime of a number of individuals, including previous convictions for various crimes. Steps are being taken to establish their location and checked for involvement in the murder.

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