Men Pugacheva sing and drink with other Moldovan Poroshenko

Men Pugacheva sing and drink with other Moldovan PoroshenkoIn Moldova sum up the results of the parliamentary elections. Democratic party of Moldova, headed by oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc was not able to get in the top three, but as he tried! A friend and colleague of the Ukrainian President Peter Poroshenko plahotniuc (which, by the way, and Romanian citizenship) ahead of elections staged a "parachutes" Russian pop stars in the center of Chisinau.According to Super, in support of the Democratic party, standing up for maximum rapprochement with the EU and rupture of relations with Russia, with scenes on the Great national Assembly square agitated Maxim Galkin, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Andrey Malakhov and Laima Vaikule. And if Baskov and Vaikule money just does not smell - sang and went, but the audience was, husbands Diva actively agitated."Democrats are people who can be trusted! They can do good things for your family - quoted resource Kirkorov. And we together with the party that supports family values!". In gratitude, the representative of the party handed Kirkorov Moldovan belt, which the artist immediately tied on itself (in the last time Philip put on on all that fall under the arm/leg - see photo below).Maxim Galkin and had decided to greet the residents of Chisinau in the Romanian language. And in their free concert time comedian appeared in the pre-election headquarters of the party, where they met with by Vlad Plahotniuc, to discuss political topics.Pictures plahotniuc then posted on his page in Facebook. In addition, the Russian artists showed through the channels belonging to the Moldavian magnate - "Prime" and "2 Plus".It is not surprising that many Russian stars lately, not like speaking in front of any audience for any money, the young father Galkina, for example, the cost of certainly grow up with children, in the same position young father Kirkorov. That's just such stories often end with the cancellation of concerts already at home, as it happened with dancer Anastasia Volochkova, from the speeches which refused the Crimea, which she so nobly "gave" Ukraine during the interview, Kyiv journalists.publication Vlad Plahotniuc.Nikolay Baskov posted on my page in Instagram photo of the meeting of the Russian guests at the airport. In the picture Kirkorov drink-eats reception with bread and salt. "And I at night, do not eat!" - wisely signed photo Basque.

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