The verdict in the case Conceiva can endure in March

The verdict in the case Conceiva can endure in MarchThe criminal case against the former Vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Victor Conceiva and his 12 accomplices is nearing completion. This was announced during today's press conference with journalists the Chairman of the Kurgan regional court Sergey Uvarov. According to him, the punishment may be imposed in March, correspondent ."In our opinion, the proceedings goes to its end, and most likely in March, we will move to courtroom for sentencing," said Sergei Uvarov, answering the journalists ' question about the progress of the trial of Anteevy.Also Uvarov noted that in the criminal case were questioned more than 70 witnesses and investigated all written evidence. Recall that in fact there are more than 100 volumes. The trial lasted from 5 August 2013."Red tape or delay things do not exist. We are interested in the case to be considered," Uvarov said.As explained in the press service of the Kurgan regional court, the judge who conducts the case Conceiva - Denis Kiryanov - it was decided that since the beginning of March the court session will be held four times a week, Monday to Thursday, instead of three, as it was before.Recall that the ex-Deputy mayor Victor kontiev his 12 accomplices are accused of several crimes: murder, bribery, complicity, kidnapping, illegal acquisition of weapons, extortion, money laundering.

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