Press Secretary Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev: "Putin was formulated extremely rotten""

Press Secretary Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev: At a press conference on Thursday, 18 December, Vladimir Putin, responding to a reporter's question Ural portal noted that, in General, satisfied with the work of the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. The question, recall, was asked by a journalist of the edition, which considers itself the opposition, which, however, does not prevent him to get money from subsidiaries of Rosneft company "RN-Yuganskneftegaz".A spokesman for the Russian state atomic energy Corporation "Rosneft" Mikhail Leontyev said that the company is not engaged in dedicated funding opposition media, and denied the information about the pre-paid the journalists ' questions to the President of Russia.Question: Question Putin at a press conference from the journalist from "Znakom" consider it paid. Please comment on this information.Mikhail Leontyev: Seems like it. This Agency is known for the trash, but this girl has a particular reputation and specific ambitions and aspirations. The question was, in fact, formulated extremely rotten, because that in itself sounded like a statement that obviously contained a nonsense, contained some nonsense. Given that the question was not named names, claim it. Besides, the girl was also quite experienced in the question about the salary she called the name, and about the rest spoke in an impersonal form. That is the girl understood that she, in fact, asking.I must say that the reply of the President and we are completely satisfied. Don't know how the management of Rosneft, and personally I agree with his assessments and commentary on this matter. There are a few obvious things: salaries in major commercial concerns are commercial category and they, in General, the market is about the same ought to be. We must also consider the fact that Rosneft is an international company engaged in dozens of countries of operation, there are tens of thousands of shareholders, including even such "small" as BP.Question: How do you feel about the fact that around tenders Rosneft today published many reports stating that the company is opaque?Mikhail Leontyev: No information around! Everything we buy is, fortunately or unfortunately, is a corporate rule imposed by applicable law. There are no hidden purchases we currently do not have. It all goes through the tenders, if not possible, then the purchase from a single supplier, then the information is published on the website, where it then all take.I don't understand what is the crime of purchasing iPhone. And if we announced the purchase of Samsung? I just don't understand the topic of conversation on this topic! Understand that if the person had previously used the iPhone, it, unfortunately, forced to continue to use it - so the technical policy of the company Apple.Question: isn't it odd that the largest Russian state-owned Corporation funded opposition media?Mikhail Leontyev: What opposition media?!Question: "Daughter of" Rosneft "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" extended the contract with the "Znakom"...Mikhail Leontyev: so you want to say that the same girl that asked Putin, acting under contract with us?!Question: Yes.Mikhail Leontyev: This information by me is not passed. I want to say that... you never know what kind of stuff goes past you? What now, you want it all to see?I nothing know. I only note that we do not Finance media, and work with them - and not on the basis of their opposition, and on the basis of their loyalty to common sense and on the basis of their professionalism. Rosneft is not an expert in the field of opposition or neopositivist separate publication. Is the media who are unable to adequately convey the human voice - professional or intellectual capacities. For example, the TV channel "Rain" - to work with them is impossible. And not because this channel opposition, but because dealing with them is pointless - they do not perceive human speech literally. They transform in the framework of their professional and intellectual opportunities. Finally we get some nonsense. With some other opposition publication and can work sometimes, because of all media has its own target audience and there are ways of interaction.We work with Western Newspapers and agencies - had an interview at Bloomberg, Financial Times we are working with the Washington Post. They, by the way, proopposition will than some miserable Rain.In addition, in conclusion I want to say that "Znakom" is no opposition to the Agency, and commercial razmeshali. That in it the opposition? Panikovsky formed in the third position - that's the way they position themselves.

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