Ukrainian Germans shelled the city Debaltsevo near Donetsk

Ukrainian Germans shelled the city Debaltsevo near DonetskIn the city of Debaltsevo, which is 75 km from Donetsk turned street fighting in the city visiting Ukrainian punishers. The battles are on the outskirts, in the centre of the city is relatively calm, according to supporters of the militia, correspondent ."But the battles and skirmishes never stop for a minute. Comrade, who had to go from debaltseve, routinely - he's in there home", - said in his blog journalist Michael He."Within 5 minutes goes by automatic rifle fire in the region of the square (the magician. The merchant), street of the World, with the removal of the side street Field. DON'T COME UP TO THE WINDOWS!"."Not as funny, but in response to all go volleys of large weapons. 2 of the projectile broke somewhere in the area of street in the World and street Social. There is damage, will later clarify where exactly".The fights do not stop, the fire is in the area of Cheremushki.

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