Missing in Chebarkul 14-year-old girl can be in Yekaterinburg

Missing in Chebarkul 14-year-old girl can be in YekaterinburgIn Chebarkul searched for missing an underage girl.As reported in GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, December 14, police Department received an application from a resident of Chebarkul that did not return home, her minor daughter born in 2000."It was established that on the evening of December 13, a pupil of grade 8 Faith Elistratova asked parents to spend the night at the home of his girlfriend. There she stayed for a short time and left. According to friends of the girl, she can be with their friends - a resident of Ekaterinburg by the name of Maxim. The last time the girl called her the evening of 14 December and said that she's fine," said the police.Description wanted: height 162 cm, thin build, dark shoulder length hair, long bangs.Special features: on the left cheek scar, in language and in the navel of the inserted decoration in the form of metal balls (piercing). In the earlobe two puncture - earrings "pinks" on the hand bracelet in yellow metal.Was wearing a down jacket long beige knitted hat, pants and boots black color.

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