After the "opening" agent USA network in Yekaterinburg can recall the Consul General

After the Sverdlovsk law enforcers continue to "dig" rezidentura network in the USA. Officially situation intelligence and law enforcement agencies do not comment, but "suspicious" in fact, really a lot, and that alleged the defendants behave, at least, strange. Thread ecological implications festering scandal are drawn to the "Greenpeace", the behavior otreshivshiisya from all volunteers - bellantonio alarming, and the opportunity to participate Sverdlovsk nationalists likely.Recall from exposure rezidentura network of the United States made scandaleuses Pervouralsk society activist Stepan Chernogorov. He told how he had been "embedded in the network structure opponents, during which he managed to obtain information about funding American organizations subversive activities in Russia. It all started with the madrasah with a sword "SABR". According to Chernogubov, when he received information about the funding that has been suggested by foreigners under the project of construction of madrasah in Pervouralsk city mosque, knowing that this place will become a hotbed of non-traditional Islam, he began to search for ways to counter. Chernogorov on the advice of a friend went to the human rights activist, social worker Vasily Rybakov. In a personal meeting last offered cooperation in the framework of the "Government house"."For this I had to create a blog on LiveJournal. Basil Fishermen promised his support in those issues that I will raise in the blog. That's exactly what I got on Wednesday, activists, which is called "environmentalists" and "the defenders," explains Chernogorov.After the incident with the fight in touch with Chernogorova came Vice-Consul in Yekaterinburg John Rutherford. During the conversation, the Consul has hinted that he is ready to make efforts to solve environmental problems. And offered assistance from the Global Fund for human rights defenders, namely money on medical services. Then there was a publication about the activist back in Washingtonpost".All meetings was three, and the Consul offered different types of aid, but after the appearance of publications in the media about the meeting, by decision of the Washington John Rutherford was withdrawn from Russia.Recognition Chernogubov, he soon learned that besides him and a member of APSO Svetlana Ifanboy Consul could communicate and Sergey Ivin, regional representative of the NDP party, which I was told that the activities of Government Commerce aimed at the seizure of power, when pushing the situation in Moscow." Simultaneously with the "extremist" the case against Chernogubov case brought by the organizer of "Russian marches" in Yekaterinburg - Maxim Vahromova, the protection of which stood Basil Fishermen and human rights defenders.According to Chernogubov, on the eve of the "peace March" became known that the nationalists organizing "Russian March" in Yekaterinburg, plan to participate in the March in support of the Ukrainian authorities. As recognized by one of their former associates, the group "Russian March Ural" and had contacts with representatives of the American Consulate. This time to participate in the "March of peace" with them, allegedly demanded in exchange for previously provided legal and financial assistance. In the midst of the Maidan in Kiev "Russian March Ural" was marked by the support of the Right sector. In addition, Bahramov, according Chernogubov, and even has contacts with representatives of punitive battalions "Aidar" and "Azov".According to "intelligence network" opened by the counterintelligence and Chernogorov probably acted as a "mole" that he indirectly confirms, answering the question of "implementation".Meanwhile, participants loud "spy scandal" after the situation became public, the plane behaved very strangely. For example, Svetlana Efanova in the social network Facebook has called the situation "funny". "Of course, happy with this article. I take it as a compliment, it means that the efficiency increases and control methods become more sophisticated," he commented in social networks one of the publications on this topic Efanova.Basil Fishermen by all means tried to disown the situation in social networks, and stated that "recently, the company created some unnecessary hysteria. "I would call it "the Ukrainian syndrome". Brazen slander, based on dubious claims of dubious personalities, are put in a basis of baseless accusations. And "CHEERS" are treated the crowd, ready to Lynch anyone," said the Fishermen in your blog."Noted" in the comments and the current mayor of Yekaterinburg, it has long been observed in close friendship with the American representatives. Events Roizman has been described as a "Blizzard" and "nonsense"."On LiveJournal and Facebook activists from the liberal opposition, which had previously suspected in close relations with representatives of the Consulate General, demonstrated a strong nervousness. Even the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Roizman could not restrain his emotions and what he wrote in comments from blogger Oleg dyadikova: "Nonsense". And one of the defendants in the material - Ural opposition Basil Fishermen staged shaped tantrum on LiveJournal and Facebook. Emotions Rybakov were so strong that sometimes went beyond adequacy. Fishermen seem to have aimed to show that the rumours, saying that he had borrowed from the U.S. Department of state money is not a rumor at all," commented happening top blogger Sergey Kolesnikov, known under the nickname zergulio.According to a source familiar with the situation, threads "environmental activists" may be associated with similar bodies abroad. For example, a well-known fact that, perhaps, the most "ecological" Greenpeace is funded, including the U.S. Department of state, and it is quite clear that for monetary compensation in some cases acting in the interests of their sponsors. It is not excluded that in the Urals environmentalists "worked" according to the same scheme.In addition, according to the source, many of the questions raised and the figure of the nationalist, the organizer of "Russian marches" in Yekaterinburg Maxim Vahromova, which, according to the interlocutor, may be involved in such events.Among other things, that the U.S. Consulate General in the Middle Urals is very "strange" activity quite fitting in "spy story" for anybody not a secret. Indirectly, the creation of residency has been acknowledged even by the head of the diplomatic mission. Speaking about the essence of his work, the U.S. General Consul Otto Hans van Naerssen stated that "before the officers in the political section of the U.S. Consulate has two main tasks: to advise the U.S. government on policy issues and to promote our interests, interacting with the government of the Russian Federation"."For this, our employees must learn and understand Russia - its history, culture, demographics and politics, to make recommendations on policy matters to the U.S. Ambassador and the State Department," - said the head of the diplomatic mission.It is noteworthy that the classical consular Department is not the activity described by van Maarssen. The Embassy, for example, deals primarily with political issues - negotiations, collect information about the host country, the Consulate provides contacts with local authorities, has been serving the citizens, the solution of their problems under the laws and paperwork. Embassies usually operate consular departments, subject to the documents and issuing visas."The functionality is described in detail by Mr. Mersina described in the famous book by American General Platt", communications of strategic intelligence". That's strange came excuse the diplomat," commented Professor University Eugene usuk writing on social and political topics, as well as the topic of competitive intelligence and Analytics."It is quite possible that the story has now surfaced as a "warning" to the Consul, they say, it's time to do consular work and residency to cover, and then fly out after the predecessor. As a variant. By the way, and the opposition is also a reminder that borseth is not necessary. And, judging by the hysteria has happened a number of persons involved in this kick fell on their pain point," gave his assessment of the situation Sergei Kolesnikov.

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