The cat Yekaterinburg zoo woman button will predict the weather for the spring

The cat Yekaterinburg zoo woman button will predict the weather for the springThe cat Ekaterinburg zoo - woman by the name of the button will predict the weather for the spring. Traditional weather prediction this year will be held at the zoo on 2 February.As have informed in the press service of the zoo, holiday weather prediction, "Groundhog Day", here is celebrated for several years, but the role of chief meteorologist already perform other Pets. The reason is simple - Groundhog in Yekaterinburg zoo there. This time "Groundhog Day" will be "hedgehog Day". The main character will be a woman bolus, which for three years predictions became a real star.For such an important task, the woman has chosen not accidentally. 2 February in Ancient Rome celebrated it the Day of the hedgehog. Weather forecast for the ancient Romans was based on the behavior aroused the hedgehog that was seen or not seen his shadow.Button, like all long-eared hedgehogs, very active, lively and curious, she does not like to fold into a ball, prefers to run and cheerful bounce. In past predictions restless woman did not even able to determine the answer, but zoo staff know that none other than the animal with an innate sense of smell and charm, truthfully predict spring weather. Will it be warm and Sunny or cold and cloudy will be available on 2 February at 15.00 on the second floor of the pavilion "Ecoterrorism" in Yekaterinburg zoo.

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