In Tyumen kidnapped businessman with ransom

In Tyumen kidnapped businessman with ransomThe criminals demanded a man a ransom. The criminal case. In Tyumen continues the investigation of the criminal case concerning the abduction of a young businessman with a group of people and asking for his release a large sum of money, said the Committee.The investigation established that on July 9 of this year, a group of young people from one of the houses the streets Tyumen, at gunpoint, kidnapped a young businessman. Then, moving him into the apartment, the kidnappers began to beat the victim and demand to give them funds in the amount of 750 thousand rubles for liberation.Stolen managed by phone to inform his friend about what happened to him, and the latter summoned the police, who freed the businessman out of the hands of criminals.Yesterday, July 10, against the bandits was prosecuted under h 2 tbsp. 126 of the criminal code - kidnapping committed for mercenary motives by a group of people with weapons, and h 2 tbsp. 163 of the criminal code - extortion.Currently, the identity of three of the perpetrators are identified, they are all detained.

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