To explore the Arctic with the help of foreign service cannot - information about the research shelf falls into the hands of foreign companies

To explore the Arctic with the help of foreign service cannot - information about the research shelf falls into the hands of foreign companiesService in the oil and gas sector are beyond the control of Russia, so information about the research of the Arctic shelf falls into the hands of foreign companies. In the Arctic Atlas, which has not yet been created in Russia, already developed by foreign experts.At the round table on development of the Arctic, held on the eve chaired by President Vladimir Putin, representatives of the scientific community and by the oil companies raised the question about the necessity of creating a national strategic program of development of the Arctic shelf, within which the state would be able to Finance scientific and research work, correspondent .The lack of the country's own service recently raised at the meeting of the Committee of the Federation Council, held in Tyumen. The Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova said that 65% of the service market occupied by foreign companies, and independent domestic neftegazservice to compete with them no longer."In the current foreign policy conditions is extremely high risk and even a threat to national security," said Komarov.Risks are amplified when it comes to "hired" foreign workers on the Arctic shelf, for which Russia is forced to deal with a number of countries. As noted in yesterday's meeting, the President of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, the Arctic holds about 22% of prospective oil reserves. For them turns serious competition between countries."First of all this country, bordering on the Arctic shelf - USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway, and the country, it would seem, far from the Arctic, including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, UK, France, Italy, and even Singapore. For example, the Chinese government allocates significant resources on polar research. The Chinese icebreaker "Snow dragon" has already completed several expeditions to the Far North. According to information from the media, in the plans of China the construction of several modern icebreakers. In fact we are talking about establishing a national Arctic fleet of China," made Sechin.Domestic companies are investing in the development of the territory, one Rosneft intends to invest in the next 20 years, about $400 billion However, geological development and oceanographique data is in the hands of foreign companies, and in some countries based on it have already appeared Arctic atlases created by Russian specialists are still working."Unfortunately, the Atlas is created, but created entirely without the participation and coordination on the part of Russian companies. Conducted research, they are razdroblennoj, so to speak, on the shelf, under license of the Ministry of education, partly for the licenses of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The owners of this geological information become a foreign organization. We often come to our colleagues in Houston, in the UK, Norway, see these atlases, and we ourselves have the question arises: how is it that we have no such information, and do they have? So here, of course, require such careful attention to this geological information, and permissions that are granted to the carrying out of these works," said Sechin, explaining that the customers are foreign companies.The rector of the St. Petersburg mining University Vladimir Litvinenko said that the successes of other countries are not only large amounts of money spent on the study of the Arctic, but monopoly geophysical foreign companies in the domestic market."What's happening? We make instruments and performed seismic often on devices Schlumberger, best, leading, and use their technology. The digital devices. In order to translate this information into geological information (the input section, and so on), this is called the interpretation of the translation, we have specialists are few. I mean, when transfers (information - approx.) either the Ministry or the control, up to this period had not yet our experts show (so constructed today, electronics), this digital information is not with us is. I was surprised when the results of studies of academician Granberg, now deceased (in fact, we have not yet published the Atlas, not handed over, not processed at all their shelves), were published in the collection in America. I have an endowment gift "the Results of American researchers. This is an example," said Litvinenko.The government encourages companies to get more involved in the Arctic, increasing financial burdens on the primary sector. But to draw such waste oil alone will not be able. Litvinenko was proposed to create a "national strategy for the development of the Arctic shelf", thanks to which you will be able to receive funds from the budget. According to him, until all appeals in the Ministry of Finance did not succeed: "Today, all of which were named, not funded, because the Ministry of Finance correctly says: "Listen, this is not a priority, there is no money, you went away". Note that a similar idea was proposed by members of the Academy at a recent conference "Development of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions", held in Yekaterinburg.

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