The victim of a scandalous Novel article Yushkova is non-existent organization

The victim of a scandalous Novel article Yushkova is non-existent organizationThe victim of a scandalous article "Hysteria in the Pugachev" is non-existent organization. This conclusion was made during today's hearing in the criminal case in relation to the Novel Yushkova, correspondent .According to the accused, the first half of the meeting was dedicated to the re-interrogation of the victim Adlan Musaev, who arrived accompanied by a Chechen group support and actively distributed to local television interview that Roman Yushkov, Russian, and cannot protect Russians, and what he ought to do manual labor instead to take "stuff"."We questioned him about what is public organization "community" and in what ways it is with law enforcement agencies, because in those documents that he is now attached to the case, said that "we have established relationships with all law enforcement agencies and the administration of the Governor". We tried to make it answer whether public organization "Union" Association of Chechens and Ingush, and put it result in confusion regarding the name of their organization, or so he consequence advised to be called. We have not received a clear answer to these questions. And finally, we asked him why he enters and effect, and the court is in error, and does not say that in March of this year his organization is closed and removed from the register of legal entities, due to long-term failure to provide any statements or in taxation, or in other bodies. He said, "Yes, reporting is not provided, but this does not prevent our organization to function," said Roman Yushkov correspondent , observing that formally documents "Commonwealth" does not appear belonging to the Vainakh peoples.The second half of the meeting, which lasted a total of more than five hours, was devoted to the articulation of expert opinions.The court session once again ignored the chief instigator of the criminal process, Professor Valery Milanov. "It does not appear, and the court accepted this, and doesn't want his appearance in court to be made a condition of the promotion process. "No, no, let's read the Protocol of his interrogation, given during the investigation". But we with all parties insist that he should be questioned," concluded Yushkov.Hearings Yushkova will continue on Monday, July 28.Recall that the regional Prosecutor's office became interested in Roman Uskowi after publication in the newspaper "the Star" on July 19 last year, the article "Hysteria in the Pugachev", in which experts showed signs of extremism.

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