The author of the article "Hysteria in the Pugachev" was charged with extremism

The author of the article Today, the FSB Department of Perm Krai was charged Perm public figure Novel Uskova - author of the controversial article "Hysteria in the Pugachev", published in the newspaper "the Star".Charged in two articles of the criminal code: public calls to extremist activities (including 2 tbsp. 280 of the criminal code) and for incitement of hatred or enmity (including 1 tbsp. 282 of the criminal code). "The investigation found that "R. A. Yushkov, as a candidate of Sciences, associate Professor PSUNR, nationalist views, systematically speaker criticized authorities, acting out of personal motives, based on hostile relations to the representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus, acting intentionally... committed crimes under two articles of the Criminal Code...", - says Roman Yushkov in her live journal. Let us add that the responsibility for each of these articles threatens Novel Uskova by imprisonment for up to five years, and the Perm regional newspaper "the Star" - closing.In order to establish the measure of the guilt of the author and the editorial Board, the order of the FSB was presperterian not only the final publication, but unedited article Yushkova. Note that, to date, conducted six linguistic expertise, which interpret the article as an extremist. In parallel, at the request of the editorial office of the newspaper "the Star" is an independent linguistic examination of this material.Recall, April 21, Federal security service took with the Novel Yushkova on his own recognizance and has changed its status from witness to suspect.Roman Yushkov known in Perm as a journalist, human rights activist. Not so long ago Roman Yushkov won the trial with the bailiffs UFSSP, who accused the commune in the humiliation of honor, dignity and employment reputation of the Department.

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