productionBasargin will help to make Russia the evil Empire: "the Museum of repression 2.0" remember Ivan the terrible and "massacre" on the Romanovs

productionBasargin will help to make Russia the evil Empire: Despite the failure ANO "Perm-36" from the things scandaleuses Museum, the authorities of Perm plan to continue the tradition of commemorating the victims of political repressions", using initiatives leadership non-profit organization. New exhibitions will be dedicated to not only the Stalinist period, but the period of the reign of Ivan the terrible and "the massacre of the Romanovs", thus, the degree of antisovetskoi will be reduced, but anti-state approach remains correspondent .According to the representative of the Perm branch of the public movement "the Essence of time" Larisa Magdanova, yesterday's press conference in the administration of the Governor of Perm region, dedicated to the "Perm-36", was held in the format of "excuses before journalists sympathetic to the former management of the Museum". Director of the Department of civil and special programs administration of the Perm region Governor Sergey Malenkov said that the experience and exposure ANO with their consent will be used in the new project - Federal Museum of repressed memory. However, the guide itself ANO, apparently, the insulted Butler on the government until the contact is not and any proposals put forward.The Museum "Perm-36" was created on the basis of the Soviet corrective labour colony of strict regime, which contained the Bandera, the "forest brothers", the Punisher, the accomplices of the Nazi occupiers, many of which arm from the elbow, if not on the neck, in the blood, as well as anti-Soviet and Russophobes of all stripes - in General, all the rabble, fiercely hating our Homeland and their actions did anything to hurt her as much as possible. They brought over especially dangerous crimes against the state. In the Museum they were presented as "freedom fighters" and "innocent of the repressed". With the closing of the Museum there was hope that this inadequate policy against the background of what is happening in Ukraine events supplied the cross, but the new initiative suggests that in the "Museum of repression 2.0" will stigmatize already centuries-old history of Russia, not a specific period."At the beginning of the press conference Sergey Malenkov found it necessary to emphasize that, of course, they will use the ideological groundwork ANO. Specifics here, he did not lead, but judging from what exposition is scheduled in GAUK "Memorial complex political repression (repression of the Gulag, and the times of Ivan the terrible and Romanov), the degree of antisovetskoi reduced slightly. Although the continuity is obvious," said Larissa Magdanova correspondent ."Pig filth will find" - this proverb remembered in connection with the idea of the government of Perm historian, author of books about Stalin era Igor Pikalov. In his opinion, in the Museum of the memory of the repressed is not necessary: the perpetrators of such attention is not worth."There is some terminological confusion: we have assumed that repression necessarily illegal, and their victims are innocent. Meanwhile, it is not. Repression implies some punishment, which often was quite deserved. Those who have been victimized innocent, rehabilitated legally or historically. However, to emphasize their fate it is in this context that they are victims of the state machine, I think, wrong. Such phenomena were at all times in almost all States, but for some reason, no one beats on this occasion hysterical and not satisfied with such calls for national repentance," - said Igor Bykhanov .As for the repression of Ivan the terrible, its importance is exaggerated: foreign contemporaries of the Russian Prince was distinguished no less cruelty to his subordinates. As an example, Pikalov leads massacre of St. Bartholomew in France, and events in England at that time. "The idea that Russia is an evil Empire, where ever committed crimes against the people, fundamentally wrong," said the historian.Recall, on the day the management of ANO "Perm-36" announced the termination of work. So, the Museum on the site of the former colonies-36 is entirely run by the government Museum complex political repression". However, expositions and exhibitions belonging to the Association shall remain the property of the nonprofit organization. The Directorate stated that it intends to use them on the basis of other cultural institutions.

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